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The Faith Bible Seminary Edge: Experience

Experienced Ministries

At Faith Church, we have been counseling for over 30 years and have trained nearly 10,000 counselors to minister the Bible to the lives of hurting people.  Our community outreach is demonstrated, in part, by the 2,000 hours of free counseling we provide each year through Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries.

Experienced Faculty

Our MABC also allows us to recruit some of the leaders in biblical counseling from across the country and use them to teach in their areas of specialty.  Our faculty includes some of the best professors from all over the country.   

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Coursework + Counseling

From foundations to experience

Our 36 hour program starts in the classroom and finishes in the counseling room.

The diagram shown here explains the three tiers for our 36 hour masters program. 

  • Foundations: The program begins with a series of 5 classes the form the foundation to all of biblical counseling including an introduction class, a class on Bible study, theology, the heart, and even self counsel.
  • Theory: Once the foundation has been completed the program builds on that foundation by discussing a series of important counseling issues including family issues, fear, worry, pornography, and many more.  In essence, we are applying the foundational principles developed in the first 5 classes to the issues of life. 
  • Counseling Application: Our final three courses make sure that we move from the classroom to the counseling room.  Our goal is to train men and women who will serve as leaders in the counseling and discipleship ministries.  They are equipped to train others because they have done quality counseling themselves.

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