Mentoring Opportunities

The Faith Church Mentoring Program allows mature, godly men to assist in the training of younger men within the church for a defined period of time in order to meet stated goals.

These Mentor relationships are designed to be grounded in the sufficiency of the scriptures and prayer and to intentionally encourage, teach, exhort, train, and hold the Mentees accountable until such a time that defined problems are resolved, and they are equipped to be more faithful disciples. 

Mentee Requirements
  • A faithful attender or member of Faith Church
  • A believer who desires help to grow in one or more key areas
  • Teachable and humble and willing to listen to and apply the wisdom of an older, more mature believer
  • Able to maintain a Mentoring relationship with openness, honesty, and propriety
  • Willing to meet weekly with a Mentor
  • Willing to sign a commitment to be faithful and committed to keep mentoring appointments, complete assignments, and attend church regularly
  • Approved by Faith Church Men’s Mentoring Key Leader, usually through an interview process
  • Approved for mentoring by the Mentee’s deacon, if he is a member
Mentor Requirements
  • A member of Faith Church who has served faithfully under a Key Leader for at least year with a recommendation of the Key Leader in their current area of service
  • A mature believer who has demonstrated consistent growth and is not a novice in the faith
  • Able to demonstrate humility under authority
  • Able to maintain a Mentoring relationship with humility and propriety
  • Willing/able to meet weekly with a mentee
  • Willing to give and provide accountability for simple weekly assignments to the Mentee
  • Committed to Biblical Counseling philosophy
  • Nominated by Faith Church Men’s Key Leadership Team
  • Able to secure a written recommendation from a current Key Leader in a ministry where he has been serving for at least a year
  • Approved by Faith Church pastoral team
  • Able to agree with and sign Faith Church's Leadership Standards Document
  • Willing to agree with and follow the Faith Church Men’s Mentoring Ministry Policies and Procedures