Point Man Groups

Our men's personal accountability groups are called Point Man groups. Point Man Groups exist to help men deepen their relationship with Christ so as to fulfill their purpose as godly men in relationships to others. By putting Proverbs 27:17 and 2 Timothy 2:2 into practice, Point Man Groups will foster relationships that are intentional, purposeful, vulnerable, dependable, accountable, truthful and loving.

The end goal is that men are equipped to be more Christ-like disciple-makers in their roles as husbands, fathers, and leaders in the church and community.

Join a Group

If you have questions or would like to join a Point Man Group, please contact our Point Man Coordinator, Mark Buono, or one of the leaders listed below.






6:30 am

Panera (West)

Wes Shoop


6:00 am

Community Center

Phil Leighty

6:00 am

King’s business

Jeff Kessler

6:30 am

Elliot Home

Elliot Hartje

8:00 am

Senior Living Community Clubhouse

Larry Cole


6:00 am

Country Café

Loren King

6:00 am

Contact Leader

Dustin Folden

6:30 am

Panera (West)

Craig Svensson

7:15 am

Blake home

Joe Blake


6:30 am


Jerry Jamison

7:00 am

Cracker Barrel

Chester Bankes

7:00 am

Chick-fil-A (SR 26)

Michael Cantu

8:00 am

Panera Bread (SR 26)

Dave Jones


8:00 am


Jeff Walters

Point Man Groups Coordinator

Mark Buono


Men of Faith Events Coordinator - Faith Church

Deacon - Faith Church


Mark Buono has been a member of Faith Church since 2011. He and his wife Rebecca serve in the men’s and women’s ministries. They have three children ranging in age from graduate school to high school. Mark teaches at the residential men’s ministry program called Restoration Ministry. He also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Faith Bible Seminary. Dr. Buono is the Director of men’s ministry and coordinates Men of Faith and oversees the men’s Pointman Group program. He also is an ACBC certified Biblical counselor. He is employed as the Director of Anesthesia Services at Indiana University for the West Central Region and is a cardiac anesthesiologist.