Men of Faith



The Men of Faith ministries exist to glorify God by equipping men to be more Christ-like disciples in their relationships with God, family, church and community. Regularly scheduled discipleship Events (e.g. Men of Faith Breakfasts), Point Man Groups (personal accountability groups), Mentoring Partnerships and FCI Classes are available to help our Men of Faith grow in godly leadership.


  1. God: Men of Faith love God and His Son Jesus Christ with all their hearts above all else.
  2. Scriptures: Men of Faith seek to know God and His ways by faithfully studying, believing, and obeying God’s Word.
  3. Prayer: Men of Faith pray accepting their need for a growing dependence on Jesus Christ.
  4. Service: Men of Faith invest their lives in service on behalf of others.
  5. Wisdom: Men of Faith choose righteous paths (humility, purity, integrity, hard work, perseverance, love, etc.) and repent of ungodly paths (pride, immorality, dishonesty, laziness, quitting, selfishness, etc.) believing God’s promises about what lies at the end of each path.
  6. Leadership: Men of Faith mobilize God-given resources for the purpose of multiplying disciples, providing for those in need, and protecting the vulnerable.



Please visit the Men of Faith Leadership page to direct your questions and/or comments to the appropriate leader.